Friday, November 19, 2004

Films That Should Have Been Made

Inspired by Tony T's list of most favourite/least favourite films, I've put up a short list of films that, for one reason or another, have ... er ... never existed.

ApocaLips Now! Ayeeeee! Angelina Jolies - er - lips have gone on the attack, and are threatening to destroy the world!

Eternal Summer of the Manmade Kind Diseducational film about the effects of global warming. Perfect propaganda for the whole family!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Groom Our ageing hero, Indiana Jones, goes in search of a comb-over, only to stumble across a secret cult of hairdressers after his scalp. Truly Barber-ous entertainment!

Indiana Jones and the Last Toupee Only one thing stands between the depilating Indiana and the horror that is patented male baldness: the possibly mythical Last Toupee. But can he reach it before Patrick Stewart?

Legally Blind A blind deaf mute one-legged lesbian brunette struggles to find acceptance in the legal community.

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Gempires said...

Oh Timothy, you laugh me so. I just spat tofu.

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