Wednesday, November 17, 2004

In The Beginning...

Was a parody leftist blog: "A Wrong War Like The Iraq War Was Cannot Be Idly Sitted By" - The Proprietor

Then there was the breakaway group parody leftist blog: "O, how I long to end you rein , you evil, vile, sputum upon the lips of the masticating monstous, machiavellian, manicheismatic, machinating, Capitalist fantasm that is Heir Bush's evil United Nazi Regime of jesusland." - Screaming Memes

Then there was the imitation parody leftist blog - "Beacsue it still is Wrogn. Pictures by CLover thelamb (little) to help us thruogh these trubled times." - Clover

And the explication of the parody leftist blog: "A blog about the most important blog of all time, ever: The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog" - Dustin

And now there is the satirical right-wing reply to the parody leftist blog: "Geopolitics and the art of war have been thrown open to discussion in our age. This is ultimately the root of all democratizing momentum. The Iraq war was the crucible of necessity." - P. Wallace Hedge


daisythelamb said...

Tim! You're forgetting the second-tier spin-off, No SODA (a very promising young patriot).

the UNPOPULIST said...

Whatta ride.

Anonymous said...

I googled Screaming Memes and came upon your site. There are some interesting concepts presented here.

Then I googled my own life and, once again, I came upon your sight. It is horrifying, for I can find nought of myself in this dread place.

The Plimsoul {:<{~

TimT said...

I'll link No SODA in the sidebar, but I think I'll give that a miss in this post, Daisy... if I keep on linking every spin-off that Iraq War Wrong spawns, God knows where it will end. Cheers for the tip-off though, I hadn't spotted that one.

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