Saturday, November 13, 2004

Miscellaneous Momentary Musings

- Gem recommends that, in order to get comments happening on my blog, I tell 'secret rude things' about myself. Well, okay. Here's a confession for you, and get yourself ready for this one, because you'll never think of me the same afterwards:

I was watching Kerri-Anne Kennerly the other day

I know, I know. I'm as surprised as you are, and possibly even more shocked. Anyway, the point is, Kerri-Anne happened to be speaking to these four ladies. They're essentially an attempt to combine the sex-appeal of stars like Britney Spears with the snobbish, gentrific attraction of classical music. "Vixens with violins," one website described them as.

Floozies with fiddles more like. Their 'hit' 'piece' of 'music', Explosive, is the most barbarous butchering of the string-quartet form that I've ever heard. String quartet's are actually one of the most perfect musical vehicles ever invented - anyone of the instruments are able to hold the melody, and the other three instruments maintain complex contrapuntal accompaniments. It works beautifully.
The person who "wrote" Explosion has a lot to answer for - the piece was ugly riffs on the strings played over the top of a grotesque, pre-synthesised beat-track.
And if I sound like an old curmudgeon, well, maybe it's just the result of having watched Kerri-Anne Kennerly in the first place.*

- Someone once described the show Friends as being for people who have none. It's a good description. So it was with joy, not to mention elation, that I greeted the news this evening that the show was soon to disappear from our television screens.
But what was this? Here's the way it was described:

The Second Last NEW Show of Friends!

Oh great. So they're going to keep on playing the old shows in perpetuum. The torture was almost not unending.

- Sophie Masson, an excellent fantasy author and essayist, has begun blogging at Troppo Armadillo. She takes to the form marvellously, and she's already spurred a lot of debate in this post, about the problem of Australian films.
My only criticism: she's writing about the subjects she always writes about. She's already covered the subjects of fairytales and fantasy fiction. Now all she has left to write about is the French, and she'll have her usual topics all covered. Then where will she go?

- This is pretty damn funny - a definition of feminism for the modern gal.

- Right-wing Death Beast, mis-misandrist, and all-round nice-guy EvilPundit has really gone too far this time - he's indulging in degenerate cat blogging.

- Generate your own anti-Rethuglican rant here. (Nabbed from Marty, who pilfered it from Paul and Carl...)

Um, that's about it. Not much to blog about really...

*Actually, no. I was always like that.

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