Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Notice Bored

David Tiley suggests that I start up a community noticeboard function on this blog to attract more visitors.

You mean like this, David?


The SCREW OFF! Society will be having a meeting at New Lambton town hall this Friday evening. A speaker is coming from Sydney to hurl abuse, swear, insult, and generally harass the audience.

People of all ages are not invited. Youse can all bugger off instead and watch television, you lazy sods.


The TIME TRAVELLERS ASSOCIATION will be meeting tomorrow in the year 2000BC. Or will that be meeting 4000 years ago tomorrow? I don’t know, they don’t even pay me to read this out, so frankly, I don’t even care.
Anyway, if you think you should be invited to this upcoming previous event, just let the association secretary know by yesterday evening.
The Association will be discussion their secret plan to kill their parents before they are born, thus creating a tempo-spatial paradox.


DNA Announcement There will be a meetying of the National Dyslexics Soceity in thre time days.

You if suffer from thes bedilitatatatating condition, you considerc houlds attenending.

When: February 30th

Where: Hamilton St.


RACISTS AGAINST SEXISM are a group meeting fortnightly. Their aims are to combat entranched patriarchal systems whenever and wherever they find them, and to further their virulent anti-semitic-asiatic-mediterranean-anyone-not-Anglo-Saxon-prejudice.



The Committee for the Appreciation of Nothing will not be meeting in Hamilton in 2 days time.
If you are not interested in not furthering the public appreciation of a non-entity, then don’t come along to not add your valuable unput!


Yobbos will be gathering in Broadmeadow at 2.35pm this Friday evening. Items on the itinerary include: Screaming, Shouting, Hurling Rocks, and Vomiting. Everyone is welcome to come along.


The Local Apathetics meeting on Monday has been cancelled due to Over-interest


The Annual Procrastinators dinner has been put off.


International Celebrity Osama bin Laden will be appearing at Grace Bros, Newcastle, at the start of next week. Infidels who wish to see the streets run with blood, not to mention the downfall of western civilization, are cordially invited. It promises to be a fun day of death and destruction for the whole family.

Nah. It'll never catch on.


Dani said...

Wait...let me guess. The only group that actually exists are the yobbos?

And what about the dyslexics? Do they have a subcommittee of atheist dyslexics who lie awake at night wondering if there's a Dog?

TimT said...

Certainly not! They're all true - I certainly plan to be at the time traveller's meeting yesterday, not one moment too late! ;-)

Best dyslexic joke I ever heard was this.

"-What does DNA stand for?
-I dunno, what?
-National Dyslexics Association.

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