Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blog Predictions

Following the recent demise of two of the best blogs, now would seem to be the right time to take stock of what's happening in the world of blog. Where are the blogs going, and what will the bloggers be doing in a years time? Yes, it's...


- Marty of The Rat Pack, currently one of the crankiest right-wingers around (and he's still at Uni!), just keeps on getting crankier. By 2006, he's so cranky that he drops the A-bomb on Canada, Cuba, and other havens of lefty-hippy-peaceniks such as Tasmania. Then, deciding that he can't get much crankier than that, Marty retreats to a cave and becomes a tofu-munching Hari Krishna.

- Defying his own expectations and others predictions, DREADNOUGHT becomes Pope and the Catholic church enters a magnificent new era of splendour and decadence.

- David wins the Pulitzer prize - well deserved, despite the fact that he is neither living America nor born in America.

- Proving that there's nothing she can't do, webmistress Andrea Harris bans Tim Blair from his own blog - then she goes even further and bans herself.

- Gempires becomes a Carmelite nun and retires to a nunnery, only engaging in the occasional threesome with her fellow nuns (every other day or so, and twice on Sundays).


Marty said...

I'll give you cranky!

Jo. said...

* Pats Marty. * Now now my little pumpkin being cranky will only cause premature aging and speed up your 'fate' of becoming a tofu-munching Hari Krishna. Now I wouldn't mind you eating tofu cause it's good for you ... but my goodness I if you EVER sport a hair style like a Hari Krishna I will be disowning you.

Gempires said...

Darling, tsk! Never on Sundays!

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