Friday, April 15, 2005

I Love the Taste of Marx in the Morning

You know, I've always liked food. You can eat it. Apparently leftists like food too. You can throw it. Tim Blair notes this endearing characteristic of the left, writing:

Forced to select between ideas
and pies
, leftists are prone to opt for the latter...

This is a marvellous thing. Perhaps the right-wing could do something similar. Only, where leftists through cream pies, perhaps a more sedate, conservative right-winger could throw omelette with a side-serving of bass, lightly fried, topped with a garnish of parsley and basil and a drink of red wine.
Political commentators in the daily newspapers could be replaced by food critics:

The debate in parliament today was an easily digestible combination of Trotsky, with a sprinkling of Mao Tse Tung and a garnish of Hayek for good measure. Although the mixture of flavours went down fairly well, it turned a little sour at the end.

I give this debate 3/5.

I've found the writing of our political commentators a little hard to stomach from time to time. This culinary approach to political debate can only improve matters.

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