Monday, April 18, 2005

Ways To Make the World a More Perfect Place #4

Instead of having to climb the stairs ourselves, we should be able to hire lithe and nubile young climbers to do it for us. At the rate children are paid nowadays, it should cost, oh, only 5 cents per flight of stairs.

And while standing in queues, customers should be provided with a lounge and a daiquiri so they can relax. I am particularly firm on this last point: waiting in queues is the bane of modern existence, and I'm not going to stand for it any more!

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auswrite said...

Waiting in line on a telephone for 45 minutes results in feeling's of whakkadom, because I then speak to the answerer as if I only just dialled the number - for fear of sounding like a whakka. Where as moments before I was yelling explicatories into the phone because I truely believe the more vocally impatient one is in a telephone line, the faster your call is answered. They know your mood. They push you right to the edge. Then, just before you explode, they answer, all serene, and you go back to being calm and polite.
Its true.
Try it.

Great Blog.
But you knew that already.

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