Thursday, February 02, 2006

At Night I Think Of Mary Jane

At night, I think of Mary Jane, while swilling down glasses of wine, turpentine, acid ... it doesn't matter to me, it all tastes the same. And as I gaze out across the futile sea, images of that fateful day once again come to me. I wonder, too, what she did with Chase; and I am a little curious as to why she was so passionate about socks. And I especially wonder what she does with my finger ...

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane - her name echoes through my head like a curse. It seems that I am doomed to remember her - forever ...


Major Anya said...

Timbo, have you been doing drugs?

Janis Joplin does a great version of a song about the old Mary Jane.

TimT said...

Timbo, have you been doing drugs?

Not unless you want me to, Major.

Aunty Marianne said...

Oh that's so DONE.


But I did like the bit about the socks.

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