Monday, February 27, 2006

Tomorrow Sometimes Comes

We all know that tomorrow never comes, but today always does. But is that true? Yes. Or is it? Who knows.
On the one hand, when yesterday is today, today is tomorrow; but on the other hand, by the time today becomes yesterday, tomorrow becomes today. I think.
Then again, if tomorrow becomes today, then how come there is still a tomorrow for today? Hmm?

I can see only one solution to this: we make a new day of the week and call it Tomorrow. It would come after Thursday and before Friday. This would mean that, absolutely and unequivocally, Tomorrow would come, and thus end our confusion.
So, on Thursday, Tomorrow would be tomorrow, and the day after, Tomorrow would be today; and things would be much simpler. I think.
Then again, on Friday, Tomorrow would be both yesterday and Saturday; and on Wednesday, Tomorrow would be the day after tomorrow. I think.

Wait ... let me get a pen ...


Rachy said...

I remember one of my maths teachers in year eight telling me about a philosophy whereby nothing is ever really achieved because of the infinite nature of the universe, and the example he used is that when I got up I would never reach the door because I would have to get halfway to the door first, and halfway to halfway mark, and halfway through that halfway mark and so on

Weird, huh?

TimT said...

Weird alright!

It's Xeno's paradox!

TimT said...

PS Gavin tells me this blog is a bit too intellectual.

Inter-wot-chual? Me?

Caz said...

Does this mean that your posts are never really published? In fact, your entire blog has yet to appear on the Internet? For every word you type, there are 50 words missing, lost in the space between your finger tips and the keyboard? Is this why the posts you never publish, on the blog you don't have, often seem pathological; not because you are pathological (as it turns out), but because most of your genius work has gone infinitely missing in the infinite universe?

I'm glad we cleared this up. It explains a lot.

Now I won't feel the need to cover the screen in plain brown paper so that nobody can see when I am visiting your (non) blog.

TimT said...

The pathological and obsessive nature of this blog is something that I work at very hard. Patholigically and obsessively.

Caz said...

All of your pathologies have a certain depraved & twisted attraction. I'm surprised you don't have groupies.

TimT said...

Groupies? No, don't have those. Maybe one or two internet stalkers, though.

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