Friday, February 17, 2006

Fresh Organs

Did you know that it's National Organ Donor Awareness Week? Me neither, but apparently is. The only organ I'm looking for at the moment is a Hammond, or possibly a medieval-style pipe organ (with serfs operating the bellows), but no. Apparently the only organs going at the moment are things like hearts, brains, lungs, that sort of thing.

Well, here's a song that the organisers of the week might like to use in their publicity campaign ...

A Little Piece of You

There's a piece of you in me, my dear,
So we'll never ever part;
I had the operation yesterday at three, my dear,
And you gave to me your heart.
My old one was worn out, you see, my dear,
And I needed one brand new;
Then you ran into me, my dear,
And I knew my search was through.

You were jogging down the street, my dear,
When you hit my wheelchair,
And fell and banged your head upon concrete, my dear,
And lay unconscious there;
I had the doctors lay you on the seat, my dear,
And, though lacking the sedation,
They performed a marvellous feat, my dear -
And executed the operation ....

There's more, but my memory just won't give it up. I think I need a brain transplant ...


russ said...

Get yourself a reed organ Tim. I did, and it works a treat. Plus, all the peddling to work the bellows is good exercise.

TimT said...

I've played a reed organ before, they're fun. But cripes where on earth am I going to put it? I'm only renting at the moment.

I have a piano at my parents place in Raymond Terrace, NSW, and I'm looking for a piano accordion or keyboard at the moment - something portable.

Rachy said...

did I ever send you that brain transplant cartoon? It would go absolutely brilliantly with this post! I will send it again anyway just in case

TimT said...

I've got to say that cartoon was brilliant. Might just have to do another post on it: 'Brain Transplants for Fun and Profit', or something like that ...

Rachy said...

the beat of your poem sounds very similar to a poem written by an anonymous author, a poem which used to be one of my favourites many years ago, whose lines now lie upon the tip of my tongue

otherwise it has a similar beat to Down by the Salley Gardens

I think I need a brain transplant myself

TimT said...

Did you ever hear Benjamin Britten's version of 'Down by the Salley Gardens'? It's damn good. Britten is probably one of the best composers when it comes to setting words to music.

I read this to a friend in Newcastle and he told me it reminded him of a Spike Milligan poem!

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