Sunday, March 26, 2006

Attention Platform 7

Attention: Platform 7.
There has been a delay
On train A13
To Smudgers Bay.
It is now expected
Next Thursday.


Attention: Platform 7.
There has been a delay on the delay.
Train A13, expected tomorrow,
Is now due in May.
So sit back, relax,
And enjoy your stay.


Attention: Platform 7.
We're certainly keen
To restore our delays to their usual time,
In ten years - or fifteen.
We'd like to personally thank you:
What a great audience you've been.


Attention: Platform 7.
There is - ha ha - no train.
It's all been - ha ha ha - a little joke
To make you wait in the rain.
We apologise for any convenience caused.
Now you can go home again.

Ah, yes: isn't public transport a wonderful thing?


Laila said...

It seems as though public transportation IS the same everywhere.

TimT said...

Hey, at least it's reliable in its unreliability.

I think the best thing to do is to turn up at a train station at a completely random time, and if you're lucky, the train will turn up for you, then and there. It's worth a try ...

To be fair, I wrote this post when we had the Commonwealth Games, which made things rather difficult.

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