Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crazy Man Without Eyes Inviting You To Come ...

Grogblogdrinkthing - it's still on this Saturday. You're all invited! Caz, Tim and Jon and James and Gem, and anyone else that cares to come along, this is a splendid opportunity to meet the fantastically beautiful and beautifully fantastic society that is the Melbourne blogset!
I'll be easy to recognise. I'll be wearing a fluoro green shirt that says, 'TERRORISTS: FUCK 'EM!'
Mail me (on timhtrain at if you want to know more and, um, are too lazy to click on the link (but, er, not lazy enough to email me)!

Come one, come all!


Rachy said...

I'm still pissed someone stole that sticker off my wheelchair. Grrrrrr.

JPW said...

Okay, but I'm not going to show up there on my own! You will have to carry me! Or alternatively, rendezvous somewhere beforehand. Because I can't stand rocking up to things like that, ingratiating myself into the crowd, and then going "Oh, the only person that I know won't be coming until later". Or "Are you Tim? Are you Tim? Are you Tim?" Bah! Also, the Clyde fucking sucks but they are redeemed somewhat by having the superb VB Original on tap.

Caz said...

Ah bugger - I'll have to ditch out on this one, but would like to make a tentative promise to come to the next one - truly.

Agree with James though - notwithstanding that your fluro shirt with catchy logo SHOULD make you stand out, it just ain't a good enough guarantee!

There must be a way for everyone to lurk on a specified street corner, or stand outside some innocent persons house, until all bodies are accounted for, before venturing into a drinking establishment.

TimT said...

Caz, James - next time I'll wear this!

Hmmm Rachy, maybe mail the guy I got the t-shirt from. He seemed a pretty interesting dude. No other suggestions though.
Whoever stole it probably thought it was discriminating against culture-jamming terrorists, or whatever they're called.

russ said...

Well I'll be there. And once again I intend to be dissapointed by the promise to go "until you drop" by being asked to leave the venue before that happens.

James, it is an integral part of the grog-blogging experience to spend the first two hours you are there admitting that, "no, you haven't read that blog, nor even heard of it", and realising how silly your blog's name sounds when said aloud. Also, the Clyde is slowly redeeming itself for its grevious errors of the past decade; just last week I went past and realised they'd removed the roof over their beer garden.

TimT said...

They removed the roof?

Ah, an exceptionally wise move, considering Melbourne's inclement weather. I look forward to being rained upon. :) I love Melbourne!

JPW said...

Russ: Good point. And my blog's name does sound ridiculous when said aloud. 'Intersecting Lines' is a far better name - I think I'll use that and just tell people that "oh, writingstatic is my incidental blog".

TimT: You'd better not wear that because there's no way I'm showing up to a function where somebody else has the same dress on. Anyway, what would you say to me giving you a tinkle on your mobile tomorrow at, say, half six? I will be faffing about in the city anyway and as I said before, I'd much rather rock up to this thing with somebody I am at least distantly aware of - mainly because if I don't I'll see a bunch of people sitting around talking loudly, and will probably decide to just get drunk somewhere else.

Major Anya said...

Well since Tim hasn't mentioned me, I won't be coming. Actually, not sure I'll be there. Will see.

Of course, now Tim has been on Crikey's Blogwatch he will be the star of the piss-up.

TimT said...

I don't know about incidental blogs. I suspect there'll be a few 'coincidental' bloggers there.


James, sure, give us a buzz. Do I have your number? Mail me and I'll check in the morning.

Anya, there's several friends who I haven't been able to link. Still, love to see you there.
I'm still not sure why Crikey linked me - was it just a 'random' blog trawl they did of the blogosphere?
I had fun writing that piece, and I think there's some good things in there, but I'm not sure about the overall quality or readability.
Ah well. If a writer can't be angsty and neurotic every now and then, what's the world coming too?

JPW said...

Tim: Okay, consider this my email to you. (I can't find your proper address - give me a break, it's early!)

Email: timhtrain - at -

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