Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Weekend, By Timothy H Train

There seems to be some confusion in the comments to my previous post over my purchasing of a musical instrument where a series of reeds were powered by a manually-operated bellows. I can't see what the problem is myself; it's a mundane incident hardly worth mentioning.
As a matter of fact, my whole weekend has been mundane. Nothing of significance has happened whatsoever. See for yourselves:

For instance, on Saturday, I went and purchased several of these:

There's nothing I like better than getting at their chewy insides. My favourites are the crusty ones, but some people disagree with me about that.

Afterwards, I went to a hamburger store:

It's run by a nice lady called Miss Muff. She makes the finest bread-and-fried-meat sandwiches around. She also has a second course in scuba-diving.
Unfortunately, I was a bit short of money, so I had to bring in one of these to trade in for my burger:

So there you go: my weekend. That's the truth of the matter: absolutely nothing of interest at all.

PS: Computer still not working. I've had to borrow my flatmates computer for internet access. This works out quite well, because he's not in Melbourne at the moment.
And maybe I did make some of this post up. Just a little bit.


Caz said...

Contining in the vein of ignoring your musical instrument with its series of reeds powered by a manually-operated bellows, al encased in a pink & purple lined case.

Did you manage to secure a disk containing an operating system, and perhaps a disk containing new software? How goes progress?

TimT said...

... inconclusive. I may be able to use my upgrade software after all, but I want to make sure the whole process won't wipe my files.

I'll get the damn thing up and running soon enough.

Caz said...

BTW - marvellous looking tarts.

Major Anya said...

Miss Muff sounds like a character from a Carry On film. Sorry to lower the tone.

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