Saturday, December 02, 2006

And The Grease Stayed On My Fingers Until Lunchtime ...

I sturdled up the ramp of North Melbourne station. (And in case you're wondering, the 'sturdle' is a form of perambulation I have invented: a combination of the stumble and the hurdle, it is perfect for clumsy but still energetic people like myself, allowing me to get from A to B with maximum inefficiency.) Well, soon I reached the top of the train platform and was confronted with the sweets machine.

You know that moment when you see a pure white light, and hear the soft sounds of angels singing 'Hallelulujah' coming from that white light, and you move closer and closer, moved onwards by some unknown impulse of your soul (and the need for a camera close up)? Well, that didn't happen to me. But I did see this:


I had about five dollars in my wallet in change. Reader, if I was down to my last $1.40 I would still have bought them.


Caz said...

I demand to know why it's only possible to buy cheese & bacon balls, but NOT plain cheese balls.

The shelves at the local Coles, which are - in are rather stuttering manner, if I may observe - being taken over by the new "homebrand" goods, were recently filled with new balls, again of the cheese & bacon kind only.

Artificial bacon flavor is disgusting, and resembles something, other than bacon. It even smells like something, other than bacon.

I want plain cheese balls.

Yours desperately.
Thank you.

TimT said...

Cheezels? Cheese twisties, perhaps?

Chicken twisties taste nothing at all like chicken, but I'm still addicted to them.

Caz said...

No, no - see, it has to be the BALLS. I could get the plain cheese ones in Canberra, then I moved back to Melbourne, and it's all "cheese & bacon". Disgraceful!

Chicken twisties? Oh, Tim, that's gross.

TimT said...

"Hello. My name is Tim, and I have a problem. I am addicted to Chicken Twisties. Oh, it all started so innocently - as a bit of a 'thrill', a 'snack' between meals - but soon I was guzzling them down faster than I could swallow them! What have I become????"

Vikki McN said...

Chicken Twisties > Cheese Twisties.

TOOBS!!! > anything else

TimT said...

Now that's an algebra I can understand!

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