Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Spin for a Penny, Spin for a Pound

Tim Minchin fans - you know who you are - find an interview here. And other interweb goodness!

Yes, it's the latest issue of esteemed satirical zine Spin, published by mastermind Darlene Taylor!

(PDF warning)


Darlene said...

They call me Evil Mastermind, thanks.

It's a good read, isn't it.

Merry Christmas to Tim and his readers.

Tim forget to point out that he is a part of Spin. Lucky him.

TimT said...

'Tis a good read. Nice balance of material. Starts out with an interview with Tim, and ends up with an article by Tim. Different Tims, I grant you, but still...

Darlene said...

Can never have enough Tims.

Well, perhaps there is one too many.

Caz said...

Or just the one, never ending Tim ...

TimT said...

For ever and ever, amen.

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