Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm back. I had a pleasant few days in Raymond Terrace with my family. The highlight of my holiday was getting jumped on by my five-year-old nephew. (He also likes running around in circles, headbutting the couch, and firing things at people.) But by Gad, it's good to be home.

How was everyone else's Christmas?


nailpolishblues said...

Welcome back.

Nephews are such fun, aren't they?

TimT said...

Yes, I think it's hilarious that my brother is probably getting headbutted by him *right now*.

nailpolishblues said...

I like to think that my sister deserves all that her son dishes out - it's like revenge that I don't have to do myself.

Caz said...

Every little boy needs an uncle to bash. You didn't have a purpose in life before Timmy.

Just spent the last several hours looking after The Golden Child, while my daughter The Princess got a new tattoo. He was an angel for his Oma, I got lots of cuddles. He does a mighty violent head-butt for a nearly two year old, but none today (phew).

Had a lovely Xmas day, it's fun with a toddler around, ripping open presents and messing up every inch of floor space. Might chilly though, the weather sucked a bit, but then, it's not often that we have "good" weather on Xmas day. Ah, come global warming, that'll be fixed! :-D

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