Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not Quite Obsession

Is it possible for a city to start calling you? I swear, ever since my planned trip to the US has started falling into place, I've been sleeping less, and when I have slept, I have probably started to dream about New York.

The other day, I caught myself writing a parody of the 'New York, New York' song about Newtown, over at Kate's blog:

Newtown, Newtown,
It's a wonderful ... town.
The University is up,
And the community centre, train station, and assorted alcoholics, deros, and drug addicts are down ...

And then just this morning, I noticed a sign on the building across the street. It said:


Moving up to the street corner, the street light moved in between my line of vision and the letters 'TW'. The sign now read:

ne ork

"Hmm," I said to myself. "It's almost as if that sign reads ..."


It's not quite obsession, but it's getting there!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a city to call you?

Perhaps a shop, and yes I am female.

I was walking past the vertically positioned GOWINGS sign some time ago, and the second "G" was slightly obscured.

I'm sure it begged me to "GO WIN $"

TimT said...

Lol, at least the Gowings sign still has a purpose. It's sad that they had to shut up shop.

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