Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Few Random Notes

I wandered down to the Victoria Markets this morning with a secret plan to buy smelly cheese to smuggle across the NSW border for the Christmas. Of all the varieties of cheese, nothing tastes better than Ilicit Cheese. As it turns out, I didn't end up buying any, but I did get -

- Some chicken pate, flavoured with chestnut and cognac;

- A Polish chocolate roll

- Two spiral South African sausages called Boerewars (I imagine Red feasts on these every morning for breakfast. They also sold something called 'Snook', prompting me to do a google search - 'How do you cook snook?')

- And 500 grams of sauerkraut.

Incidentally, do you know how to make sauerkraut? It's easy. You just take this little German girl -

- and then you take her lollipop away from her to make her cry. Then you've got a Sour Kraut, alright.
(Apparently, the Poles perfected this technique following the 2nd World War).

And by the way, I've just been making another batch of chocolate muffins, and I now have an additional 100 grams of chocolate sauce to spare. This is getting ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I dunno about cooking a snook, but cocking a snook shouldn't be too tricky.

As for all this chocolate sauce: less talk, more action.

TimT said...

Not to mention cooking a sock, snogging a cook, cooking a sneak, sucking a conk, or conking a sook in the snook.

I'm drowning in this here chocolate sauce, let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

Re variations on the theme of snook cooking: applause!

Re chocolate sauce: I got the distinct impression that Ras of the Fedora was prepared to help you out. Should posting it to her prove impracticable (or your aversion to Australia Post too mighty), I suggest you just eat it, then drink a glass of water and run around the block 20 times.

Anonymous said...

I Was prepared to help you out there Timmy... But you keep turning down my offers, nay my pleading need for chocolate sauce.

I'm really starting to wonder here? Did you ever have any chocolate sauce to begin with?

Since you are sneaking food across the border you may aswell drop it off on your way through newcastle.

TimT said...

You mock me in my pain.

ras said...

least i can do for denying me chocolate sauce!

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