Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A blogger dies

I was surprised and sorry today to read that Charles Murton has died.

Is it possible to miss a person you have never met? I think it might be. I'd been a regular reader of Charles' blog, Diogenes Lamp, since some time after its inception. He was a staunch conservative, but not an ideologue - I think he always had an ability to reach out and engage with his readers, if they were interested in dialogue. He loved public transport and old architecture and would write about them eloquently; he had a great wit, and made a habit of collecting mixed metaphors and quotes. Commentor Joe gets it right here, I think, when he says that Charles died before his time.

Thus I
Pass by
And die
As one
And gone
I'm made
A shade
And laid
In th'grave
There have
My cave
I dwell

- Robert Herrick


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how sad this news is. I regularly viewed his blog and we would exchange ideas and "Old Melbourne" info.


Al "the Polarizer"

TimT said...

I know. :( His website has gone off the web now. I shall have to email Patrick shortly to find out if the website has been archived. Charles blog was really a nice place to be, and he had a wonderful talent to engage with his readers.

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