Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gnuts to ewe!

Dale Slamma has an interesting challenge on her blog. She's compiling a list of words that sound like they start with a different letter. Some examples so far include


She's not putting another post up until she gets one word for each letter of the alphabet, a dictionary of wrong words for the right letter (or should that be right words for the wrong letter?) Anyway, I've contributed a few because I just linked her blog yesterday and I'd look silly if she never posted again, wouldn't I? (Don't answer that.) Why don't you go over and see if you can suggest any? I suspect she's going to get caught up on 'F', but we'll see.


Dale Slamma said...

Hello there Mr Wordman. It seems people really caught on to the list of words idea and I think I have just discovered why. Thanks for the link. d

TimT said...

Thank YOU for providing me with endless distraction during a boring day at work yesterday!

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