Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Caz commented a couple of posts back about my habit of leaving crucial details out when I write film reviews. As it turned out, I missed the rather heavy sarcasm in her comments, but still, it was a good point. So now, as a public service, I thought I'd write the perfect film review. Or, to put it another way, I thought I'd offer my readers a chance to write the perfect film review while I sit back and not write a thing.

The film is examination of . It has , and is now

Starring , who you may remember from such films as , it is perfect for .

Sequels of this film will be coming to your local cinema

Five stars is five stars too many.
Screening in all shithouse good cinemas now.


Caz said...

Oh jeeeeezzz!

Now I'm jealous.

How the hell did you do that?


TimT said...

I got the code from and adapted it. Turns out it's quite simple - I can mail it through to you if you like.

killerrabbit said...

I think Pajiba and TWOP should be build your own review sites just like that. Genius

alexis said...

It's like a choose-yr-own adventure story! Could you do a Limerick one?

There was a [adjective] [noun] from [noun],
Who [verb] [personal possessive pronoun] [noun] all [noun rhyming with last word of previous line].

And then the rest.

I'll give you a dollar.

TimT said...

A LIMERICK version. Now that's a question!

This reminds me of another long-planned project of mine, a Choose Your Own Adventure Bible.

And Killerrabit, thanks - I hope you take it as a compliment to hear that I had to resort to google twice to make sense of your comment.

killerrabbit said...

What? You don't know Pajiba? It is quite delightful and very funny at times if sometimes a little too fond of itself. I like to make people Google work here is done.

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