Thursday, June 19, 2008

Possible definition of obsession

Possible definition of obsession: when the person playing Scrabble with you puts the name of their football team as a play, only getting some seven points for it.

Another possible definition of obsession: my playing so much scrabble that it happens in the first place.


Anonymous said...

What's even more startling is that your opponent used so many letters which are useful for forming bingos.

TimT said...

I know! They're beating me in the current game, though.

Maria said...

I noted someone complaining in the paper that on Million Doillar Wheel of Fortune "it was so predictable [and therefore shouldn't be on TV]" that everyone picked the E, R, T, and S etc for their letters when solving the last phrase.

Yes, it'd be ultra-cool if the compere said "Four consonants and a vowel" and the contestant said "U, Q, X, J, and Z, please!"

colonel eggroll said...

I too am completely and scarily addicted to facebook scrabble. May I friend you, so we can play?

TimT said...

Friend away!

TimT said...

Maria, I guess that any word that doesn't include U Q X J and Z - consecutively, I might add - is not worth learning! Ah yes. Uqxjz. I say it all the time...

Maria said...

And an UQXJZously UQXJZ day to you too, Tim T. How UQXJZ of you!

TimT said...

To Uqxjz, or not to Uqxjz -
That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler to Uqxjz,
And by Uqxjzing, end them?

Out, damn Uqxjz!

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward
Road the Uqxjzred.

There once was a Uqxjz in a tree
Who was horribly Uqxjzed with a bee:
When asked, "Does it Uqxjz?"
He replied, "Yes it Duqxjz!"
It's a perfectly Uqxjzid old Uqxjz!"

TimT said...

Astute scrabbles and cruciverbalists will also be interested to know that Uqxjz is an anagram of 'jquxz' and a near-anagram of 'jjqzx'.

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