Friday, June 13, 2008

An unprejudiced survey of far left opinion

Well, I've just had to listen to 10 minutes of ABC's new show Q and A, and I don't know how anyone could say it was politically prejudiced. It was the most unbiased representation of left to far left opinion that I've ever encountered.

My head is awhirl with important questions about pressing international affairs*. Is it right for Japanese fishing vessels to hunt Burmese orphans in the open seas, or has the Government reneged on its promise to grant a free laptop to every child in a Myanmar school (or, for that matter, their promise to give foreign aid to Australian children living inside Australia)? And what about the issue of mulesing of live experts, and whether we should really be shipping these experts to Saudi Arabia for agricultural purposes? Wouldn't they be better kept in our universities along with students instead of being inflicted on the rest of the world? And isn't it more important that we focus on the education of young minke whales, for the future of the nation? Certainly, this show demonstrates for once and for all that the sort of critics who said that there's no way a number of difficult political issues can be discussed in a detailed manner in the short space of one hour are exactly the critics who would say that sort of thing.

These are pressing issues indeed. However, I think we can all agree with the audience member who stood up and said this:

I'm just a little bit confused.

Finally, an opinion I can wholeheartedly endorse!

*Or should that be pressing questions about important international affairs? I forget now.

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