Friday, June 06, 2008

Six word review

Too much nerd, not enough Red.


pylorns said...

Whatever, thanks to me you actually heard her on a podcast. Even with skype the damn call costs .26 cents a minute from the states.

TimT said...

True, true. You got me there. I admit, I couldn't understand all that computer talk, so I tended to glaze over at those bits.

redsaid said...

It wasn't me! It was an imposter! My voice is far more sexy (a la a jazz chanteuse). And I emote. And don't laugh at my own jok... oh, right. Okay, you got me.

I'm soooo sorry I subjected your ears to that... And now you know why they didn't allow too much of me to get in there. And yet they were gracious (stupid?) enough not to totally edit me out. Even though I didn't get any of the computer talk either. But shhhh, let's not tell them that!

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