Friday, August 21, 2009

Citizen weather report

Today's Citizen Weather Report comes to you live from Melbourne, where we've just had a Rather Interesting Weather Day, at times hitting highs of Very Very Interesting Indeed while working its way up to an Extreme Fabulous Wonderful Wow Weather Day, which has only occurred twice since records have begun.

The Rather Interesting Weather Day began as days usually begin, in the morning. Out to sea, low troughs of blowy blusteriness were gathering, while inland, several areas of spotty-spatteriness were whirling around doing what spotty-spattery things usually do. Meanwhile, clouds of the woolly, wispy, whimsical, and fluffy varieties were observed at various spots in the sky, floating about and occasionally bumping into one another.

As the day proceeded in the progressive manner that days have habitually been known to proceed in, several instances of rain, high winds, low winds, no winds, sun, clouds, and everything else were recorded at absolutely every location in the city, alternating with occasional periods of other stuff.

The temperature on several thermometers hovered for most of the morning around the 'kind of nice' and 'sort of nippy' range, dropping later in the day to readings closer to 'really rather chilly' and 'better pop on your mittens'.

Whilst the occurrence of this Rather Interesting Weather Day has been interesting enough for the Bureau of Meteorology to, er, take interest, a spokesman for the bureau has spokesmanned to Will Type For Food with these words: "I've really no idea what you're on about, but yes, the day was rather interesting. Can you go away, I'm trying to eat my lunch."

Whilst it is not known what exactly caused the Rather Interesting Weather Day, apart from all the stuff that was mentioned above, it seems certain that climate change is to blame, so maybe we should have more of it.

This has been a Citizen Weather Report for Friday, the twenty-first of August.

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Maria said...

Oh darn you Melburnians!

I must have told this story a zillion times but I'll tell it again just to be boring. I made friends with a Melburnian on email who insisted on telling me about the Melbourne weather every email - that is, starting every email with a weather update including temperature, cloudiness, humidity etc.

Eventually I told her I didn't really need to know every email and she wrote back, "What? You are not interesting in the weather?"

I told her I was interesting in the weather, I just wasn't that INTERESTED IN IT. Not sure she got it.

ANyway, to you TimT, have a most Melburnian of Melburnian weather-obsessed weekend!

May you be most interesting!

19 degrees, partly cloudy, wind W 19kn/h, humidity 49 per cent.

How's it with you guys?

nailpolishblues said...

Does that mean I should wash the linen or will it rain on my clean sheets?

TimT said...

Maybe it's time for another poll...

TimT said...

Maria, what can I say, it's a Melbourne thing. Something to do with the extreme changeability of the weather, and it's habit of thinking in extremes (case in point: last summer, unbearable in Sydney, worse in Melbourne.)

Somehow it makes it a little more bearable, at the beginning of a shockingly hot or cold or rainy or dry dry, to look at that little weather forecast that tells you things are going to be awful.

Oh wait. No it doesn't.

Maybe it's just a traumatic reaction then.

nailpolishblues said...

How was last summer in Sydney unbearable? You need to spend more time in really genuinely hot places, Tim.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Apparently the poet Wallace Stevens was completely obsessed with weather and its patterns and its effects on the human mood. This bit o'trivia from my in-house literary expert.

TimT said...

Just assumed it was. With a string of several 45+ days in a row here in Melbourne, I thought things would be pretty bad in Sydney.

nailpolishblues said...

Nah, Melbs copped all the bad stuff last year. Never mind, though, everyone's in for it this year. QLD is having total fire ban already.

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