Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second hand diets: you have dinner, I get thinner

Thinking of going on a second hand diet. I'm going to get someone else to eat nothing but boiled cabbage while I gorge myself on gigantic butter cakes and what not, and my weight will go down.

As I see it, it should work on the basis of a simple principle: you are what someone else eats.


Irene said...

This is Can loose weight on ANYTHING...My husband used to laugh about going on "The Pizza Hut" dieet and Yes it would work..light cheese thin crust and veggies...but we have lost a lot of weight eating whatever we want, just watching calories and doing some exercise...I have lost 142 and he has lost 204...It is a "simple Principle" but it has worked so far...

Good luck to you my friend,

TimT said...

I tried watching calories once, but they got up and ran away. Cheeky little buggers.

TimT said...

Next time instead of watching my calories I think I'll watch the telly instead.

Maria said...

Ahhh yes. I am on a coconut rough diet at the moment.

I like it!

nailpolishblues said...

I have a colleague who eats and eats all day and I seem to be getting fatter. I'm not sure how it works but it's sure working for her.

Dan the VespaMan said...

After reading your first sentence I had the horrible feeling that you may have been resorting to cannibalism. Not only that, but were upgrading from a single hand diet that you had deemed unsatisfactory, hence needing to action a second to operate in parallel.

Phew, thank goodness for butter cakes.

TimT said...

If I were advocating cannibalism, then my motto would be 'you eat what you are'

Quite different, you see.

Caz said...

"You have dinner, I get thinner"

Sounds suspiciously like the dieting regime of those ostentatiously skinny people who feign perpetual gluttony, yet, in truth, eat nothing more than a morsel of cucumber each day.

TimT said...

Yep, it occured to me after I did the title that would be a possible interpretation. I'm a sucker for a rhyme.

Indeed, after I read your comment I immediately thought of several interesting rhymes for cucumber - 'slumber, penumbra'.

Maria said...

I think there are several tacttics, it's the "move it around my plate" tactic so it looks like I'm eating. What they really need ot design is a plate where as you move the food around the plate the food disappears. That would help those skinny people out.

Also just going to a restaurant and ordering a HUGE plate of something to prve they can eat it all and then giving it away to others, "Here you have a bit". A partner could come in handy then.

I find this annoying, not so much the skinny bit but the over ordering ... if you aren't going to eat so much and you know it just order an entree and don't try to delude yourself.

"Hey waiter I will have the lettcue leaf please - can I have that junior sized?"

This reminds me of when I went to a hotel and they were too posh to put dollar signs on their menu. They had numbers next to their food like 13 or 26 or 22 but naturally these corresponded to dollar amounts for their food.

I was there for lunch and a friend of mine had a quick squiz at the menu and said "I think I'll have the number 17" or whatever. I told her it wasn't a number, it was the price, and she amended it to, oh, yes, she wanted the Caesar salad and then she looked down further and said, "What's the number 1 then?"

I pointed out the number 1 dish was "Extra Sauce"

She decided that she would stick with ordering her salad. It was a more appealing dish.

TimT said...

Ah yes, the menus without dollar signs. I don't know why posh restaurants do that, it's a really bizarre affectation. Maybe they want to make their customers think less about money and more about 'the dining experience', or 'their gastronomic journey', or something equally fatuous. And fattening.

Last place I was at obliged me with a plastic container to offload all the extra Laksa that I couldn't eat on the night!

Caz said...

"Hey waiter I will have the lettcue leaf please - can I have that junior sized?"

Hee hee, hee hee.

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