Saturday, August 15, 2009

Singles column

M., S., seeking like-minded F. My favourite terrorist threat level is blue. My current swine flu susceptibility is 20. I like: long surveillances on the beach, dinner party conversations about what sort of plastic cutlery should be allowed on planes, and holding hands so long as you've washed yours first eight times in hot water and doused it repeatedly in industrial-strength anti-bacterial breach. If you'll be alert, I'll be alarmed. Come be the TAMI to my FLU. 


Maria said...

Gosh I can't stand it when they use those new-fangled acronyms.

I think splades and pez containers should be allowed on planes. I am happy to wash my hands in 'breach' if you breach yours first. Breach me baby. Breach me.

Let's go for a survey and sally on the beach, I'll bring the little blue masks. If you refuse to wear, it'll be a long walk off a very short boardwalk for you.

Nice to read you,

Yours, F.

Maria said...

Hmmm - my word verification mow pops up "angsts" Maybe I should withdraw that former offer!

I'm about to have a Maria Paranoia moment!

TimT said...

I think I meant bleach instead of breach.

A case of ironic overbreach? Or were my breeches just too tight that day?

Find out tomorrow in the next unexciting installment of this never-to-be-repeated post!

Maria said...

Let's go onto the beach and you can breach my bleached breeches.

Yours beseechingly,


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