Monday, August 16, 2010

If Bram Stoker wrote the 2010 Australian election campaign

“But the important point is, there is no silver bullet” said the Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health, as the preternatural canine that had just moments ago been Carruthers leapt snarling upon him and, with its newly-developed bestial fangs, ripped his throat out.

Miss Darkwood took the blunderbuss down from the wall, loaded it with a singler silver bullet, aimed it at the snarling beast, and fired.

UPDATE! - Miss Darkwood placed the blunderbuss back up on the wall, next to the cross, the wooden stake, the cloves of garlic, the pitchfork, the Chalcedonian dagger, the sword of power, the chalice of mystery, the jar of preserved spring sunshine, and the rather nice picture of a jenny wren, and located the latest copy of the Ladies Home Journal. She turned to the second page, where they were discussing the latest developments in the immigration debate. She frowned. She did not like the way this debate was progressing, not one little bit.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Yes, so much blunder - it's got to be the election campaign!

TimT said...

Like shrunken heads, or a rare signed (or possibly chiselled) copy of an Aristophanes play, and two or three foreskins of Jesus Christ, a blunderbus is something I'd like to add one day to my private collection of rare, and a little bit impossible, objects.

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