Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If Matthew Reilly ever wrote a novel about killer watermelons

"Amid the rain of bullets, the head of the watermelon burst open like a watermelon..."

UPDATE! - Some amongst you may ask, "but why! Why on earth would a watermelon be a killer? What possible cause could make it go on a murderous psychopathic rampage?" Well, perhaps they were evil from the start, or perhaps it was society that turned them bad. But that is something that we will never know the answer to for sure. "Yes, but," you may ask, "it's a pretty bloody stupid idea for a novel, isn't it?" Well go tell that to Matthew Reilly; he's probably sold more novels than you, so I guess he'd know, wouldn't he?

Not that a watermelon's ever going to kill you. Probably. Though you never know.

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