Wednesday, August 04, 2010

You're wearing my dress, bitch!

Noticed at work today that two of the alpha males appeared to be wearing exactly the same shirt.

Oh, they seemed to be conversing happily and completely at ease with the world. But I wasn't deceived. It probably came to fisticuffs over the water cooler moments later. Oh, wait, we don't have a water cooler... so maybe just passive aggressive sticky notes on one another's desk.


brokenbiro said...

Tricky business, messing with a man's couture. The first time I ever met a guy I worked with he was wearing a tie covered in little cactuses. I said, a little too loudly perhaps; 'Oh, look! Cacti!' and he never forgave me. (True story. No, really.)

Ann ODyne said...

cack tie - oh oh oh.
and then he broke your biro?

Dear Tim - maybe the shirt-imitating is part of the alpha-male office-supremacy battle?
Comiserations re your having to be in proximity to this sort of thing.
Every day at dusk I watch the same two kangaroos of a mob who come into the grass paddock, punching each other while the other kangas eat the grass. They are going to starve to death before one of them achieves supremacy over the other.
our shirt alphas will go on through Armani $500 to Hermes $900 until they go bankrupt at Turnbull & Asser custom-made. Then You will be the alpha in the office.

TimT said...

I did wonder a bit whether they were introducing an office uniform and not telling anyone.

derek said...

but you are one of the other 'alpha males', right? from your writing i'd always just assumed.

TimT said...

I would say I'm the Omega Male of the office, only that would make me sound like some sort of Charlton Heston tragic hero.

No, I'm very un alpha.

TimT said...

Maybe I'm the Omega to their Alpha.

Omega was one of my favourite old-time Dr Who villains.

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