Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They always let you down

Stupid anagrams. They always let you down. No matter how hard you try to fit the words 'NICE CHAP' or 'AWESOME DINOSAUR SLAYER' or even 'JOLLY EXCELLENT TYPE OCTOPUS' or perhaps 'ALPHABETICAL GALLIMAUFRY' or, just for fun, 'LIKE URANIUM SOFA' into the name TIMOTHY TRAIN', they just don't fit. What the hell do we pay you for, anagrams? Is it too much to ask? As a matter of fact, just about all you can get out of my name is


I'll bloody hytrno you, you hytrnoing hytrnoers!


brokenbiro said...

Oh, for goodness sake - pull yourself together Timothy! After less than 4 mins I came up with:

Iron my hat, tit


Oh, minty trait


I'm hoity 'n' tart

... and I was barely trying

p.s. excellent word verification: scrolop

Legal Eagle said...

Brokenbiro, fabulous. I think my favourite is "I'm hoity 'n' tart"

TimT said...

Well that's just my point. Not one nice thing to say about me, those anagrams. They're just not *polite*.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Math tit irony.

brokenbiro said...

Hint it... I'm arty

TimT said...

You can't fool me anagrams. You're saying nice things about me now... but as soon as I look away you'll be up to your old tricks.

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