Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proposed Herald Sun article


A baby child has been brutally victimised, being slid down a narrow canal and then threatened by several adults with scissors today, police have been told.

And this traumatic experience occured... on the baby child's birthday.

Thankfully, this horrific event happened in a hospital, and the mother and experienced technicians were quickly there to save the child.

[Insert several more paragraphs, statistics about other children tormented on their birthdays in similar circumstances, reader poll, etc, etc]


Ann O'Dyne said...

... I was waiting for you to quote Thomas Hobbes ... ?

I am often pointing out to people that 'Child Care' is a recent social innovation.
Post WW2 really.
Tyke tossing was a popular 17thC leisure activity.
The tabloids think they shock me when they Shock Horror, but I am fully aware this society is a violent brutish thing. We must cling to the small beauty we find.

The WV for this clinging to a spiritual lifebouy is Sychemin - it's the Schadenfruede antonym.

TimT said...

I love the tabloid shock horror style. I don't expect to be either shocked or horrified, and almost never am.

Marshall-Stacks said...

laptops were designed so old ladies living alone could read Daily Tosh
while eating their porridge.
I may follow my own link right now ...

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