Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cigarette smoking fish

Today the Baron and I saw Gainsbourg, a film about the life of French singer, song-writer, performer, and whatever else, Serge Gainsbourg. It consists of a series of pleasingly arranged sounds and colours, like a jazz piece, and it doesn't really end up going anywhere much, again like a jazz piece. There's an enjoyable animated opening credit sequence, with cigarette-smoking fish - and a series of gigantic puppets toddling around, for no particular reason - and, oh, a supermodel wandering along a corridor wearing a leopard-skin jacket with an Afghan terrier in tow. That supermodel is Brigitte Bardot, or rather an actor playing Brigitte Bardot, and of course a dog actor acting the part of Brigitte Bardot's original dog. Seeing as Brigitte Bardot was famous for looking beautiful and pouting, the actor playing her does her best to do the same thing, and almost nothing but; it's a good performance but I don't know whether she should win any prizes for it. There's also a lot of wallpaper, black satin sheets, and turquoise couches, so much so that when people appear they mostly get in the way: but the nice thing about wallpaper is it never complains about being upstaged, even when it should. Oh, and of course, there's smoking - my God is there smoking, with people wandering around everywhere with ciggies stuck in their mouths, doing not-particularly-interesting-things and making slightly-more-interesting clouds above their heads while they do them.

I don't really know what to say more than that; actually I suspect I could have said a lot less. I enjoyed seeing the film but would have equally enjoyed not seeing it. It was like Sunday afternoon television, at the cinemas on Sunday morning. Fair enough then.


Mitzi G Burger said...

I think I'd prefer to listen to Gainsbourg than see the pouty film about him. C'est fantastique, la musique de Serge.

Steve said...

Hmm. The IMDB entry includes this as a bit of trivia about the film:

"Originally the last act of the film was to feature Serge Gainsbourg in his grotesque style continuing from his scene in the hairdressers. The film's producers said this would lose the audience and advised against it."

I find that rather, um, cryptic. Tim, can you enlighten us as to his grotesque style and the scene from the hairdressers?

BTW, I expect I'll be seeing this on SBS very soon!

TimT said...

Dunno, maybe there was a scandal at the hairdressers in his last years? I knew nothing about him. The last scene showed him beaming down paternally at his latest child borne by his latest wife/partner.

Marshall-Stacks said...

I am usually informed by Margaret & David and rarely get to a cinema these days. Mr Stratton remarked amazement that toady looking Serge could get the chicks.

I screamed at the screen
"Pepe Le Pew you idiot!"

It's not 'what you've got', but what you DO with what you've got.

David doesnt know that tall gorgeous models Linda Evangelista and Elle McP both married short toady frogs first time round.

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