Monday, October 04, 2010

Untied Nations

THE United Nations was set today to appoint an obscure Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth’s first contact for any aliens that may come visiting.

- UN to appoint Earth contact for aliens (thanks Caz!)
I've noticed a bit of commentary about this news story in the last few days. However, I'm slightly surprised that no-one has mentioned the obvious point yet: who knows if the United Nations really does exist?

I for one am still a skeptic when it comes to the question of the UN. No firm evidence has come in either way. While the existence of the UN remains a tantalising possibility, giving hope and meaning to tens of millions of people (or maybe just tens) whose lives would otherwise be spiritually impoverished, where is the clear, factual, undeniable proof?

I accept that there are many, many people out there who have based their entire careers around the existence of the UN. There have been thousands of so-called demonstrations of the UN's existence, in documentations of meetings, photographs of members, and news stories about apparent 'leaders' of the 'UN' who express 'deep concern' about a number of events in the world. And yet, if such an organisation really exists, why does it never seem to make anything happen? And why is the documentation of UN meetings so difficult to understand? What makes the goals of this supposed organisation so nebulous, and how come the public statements attributed to them so full of bland generalisations? Wouldn't it be simpler if we argued that the 'United Nations' isn't really the 'United Nations' at all, but just a group of old men and women meeting in buildings around the world and saying a number of important sounding, but meaningless, things in order to get attention and feel better about themselves?

And yet, it is true, there is a genuine mystery out there about the existence of the UN. The reasons these people keep on meeting up, given their failure to achieve lasting world peace or an end to world poverty, is very mysterious indeed, after all.

But in the end we must be practical about this: what will happen if the aliens do attempt to make contact with the UN and find that they don't exist after all? Like God attempting to contact Moses and instead getting his annoying little brother Nigel, that would be pretty annoying for all concerned, and could possibly end up in devastation for the entire human race.

Perhaps one day members of the UN will make contact with the rest of us, and a new age of enlightenment and civilisation and peace will dawn, but until then, I'm afraid I will have to remain a skeptic.

Ban Ki-Moon: is he the head of a hypothetical organisation known as the UN, or does he lead a pointless life following meaningless rules and uttering nonsensical statements in the service of an organisation that does not actually exist? No-one can really know for sure.


Dan the VespaMan said...

I believe the aliens have already been in contact but the UN had to have so many meetings and form committees and sub-committees and draft proposals that the aliens gave up and decided to seek a less civilized planet.

I think it was the PowerPoint presentation that tipped them over the edge.

TimT said...

But surely the UN (if they do exist) have advanced so far, technologically beyond PowerPoint.


Jeremy said...

That story seems unbelievable.

I'm fairly sure it was promptly debunked.

TimT said...

Oh. Thanks, Debunky McBunkerson.

I think it's believable. An odd job but then big organisations like the UN (or just about any government really) are full of odd jobs like that, I'm sure.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Plenty of suspicious alien life forms out in the Ute Capital of the World. Aliens will be making contact with a V8 Holden.

bingbing said...

Wouldn't it better if the US stopped picking up the tab?

bingbing said...

Sear, read the papers.

Regardless, it's essentially a good, yet useless, idea... typical of the UN.

Anyway, wouldn't any Grey go to Obama, or even Putin since Russia actually has more nukes?

Or maybe Jeff Corwin or Steve Irwin if he were still around (maybe aliens took him and he's negotiating now on ways to abolish lawyers!)

But some UN appointed lackey? LOL!

How are Toaf, Tobias and the Beard? Still squirming over Bolt and Blair?

TimT said...

I like to think that the fact this guy has not been appointed UN ambassador to the aliens only confirms that the UN does not exist.

The perfect conspiracy theory! Nothing can misprove it!

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