Friday, October 01, 2010

How the capitalist pig was a badger really, and something to do with hamsters and weasels as well

Look at this badger! Isn't he happy! He's happy because it's spring! And he's on a spring! And.... um.... anyway, this is on the cover of his latest zine, Badger's Dozen 4. Which is another reason why he's happy, because he's very pleased with it. It has plenty of fun things in it! Like cranky penguins! Sleazy weasels! Dangerous hamsters! And a boring Victorian gentleman! Do you want a copy of this zine? You can pay his secretary (which is me) three dollars on paypal, not forgetting of course to include an address and contact details - (it's linked to my email, timhtrain at I have no idea how they do this. Good vibes, or something?)

To conclude in the manner of all capitalist pigs: oink oink! Wallow wallow! Buy buy!

UPDATE! - You can also get copies at Sticky Institute, in Melbourne!


brokenbiro said...

I used to work for The Wirral News whose mascot was 'Bertie the Badger.' We even had stick-on badges bearing the legend: 'I've been badgered by Bertie' which, rather strangely, fell into disuse.

TimT said...

Come to think of it, when I did a Skype slam last year with some Bristol poets their side was officiated by a badger.

It just goes to show how respected and trustworthy they are.

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