Monday, October 11, 2010

Experts in the science of television say yes

First came Hamish MacBeth, which was a series about an isolated UK village with a rather-higher-than-usual rate of quirky crimes by crazy criminals. Then came Midsummer Murders, a show about a remote UK principality with a definitely-greater-than-is-often-the-case quantity of gruesome killings and savage slaughters. Then came Doc Martin, an ongoing look at a rural UK township with a quantitatively-larger-by-an-exponential-amount of crazy conditions and shocking syndromes of the medical and/or surgical variety.

I mean, where are they going with this? If the Poms keep on making telly shows like this, soon enough we'll have Actuarial Accountancy Aldfordshire, a riveting televisual dramatisation about a small town facing a plethora of problems with the method used in computing the periodic payments that a company must make to fund its employee pension benefits. Every week, there's a new company with a new problem relating to its employee pension benefits. Plus, don't forget to tune in for the soppy ongoing love story thrown in at the last five minutes!

Television. Has it gone too far?

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