Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Musical notations for life


blearioso - the blurry quality of life in general after one has drunk lots of alcohol.

blurto - suddenly saying something embarassing

blurto blurtissimo - extremely embarassing.

colorectura - manner of speaking after an enema.

groan colour - the sound quality of a groan, moan, whine, whinge, or grizzle that distinguishes it from other groans, moans, whines, whinges, or grizzles.

grumposo - stomping about in a grumpy manner.

grumposo ma non troppo - grumpy stomping, but in a placid and contented way.

molto agitato

- not being sure what to say about something, while you are saying it.

mumbleato - speaking inaudibly.

hmphoso a soso - making non committal noises.

shizzicato/shizzicati - sounds punctuating a conversation while one is on the toilet.

tumpani - playing melodies on someone's stomach.

xbfjqwflgggggggavotte – the curious dance the cat performs on the computer when you are typing an important email up, putting in a whole string of meaningless letters into the email.

xbfjqwflgggggggantarella – the frustrated dance you perform when, after typing those letters into the important email, the cat concludes proceedings by somehow sending the email off into the ether.

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