Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pink psychological horror

I went to the zine fair on Saturday, and the guy I was sitting next to at the zine fair on Saturday was selling a book that he called "dark psychological horror". I couldn't help but think: "as opposed to what? Pink psychological horror?"


Yesterday, Marcie came home from the work and found that the painters had painted her bathroom in entirely the wrong shade of pink. It clashed with the toilet so violently!

And the horror and despair of that terrifying incident remains with her until this very day.


Shelley said...

A pink bathroom is more of a hangover horror than a psychological one.

Maybe I should attempt to write a bright and perky psychological horror to reflect the way I feel when people are excessively cheery.

TimT said...

That sounds like an excellent idea. I feel that people who laugh a lot often have something to hide, there's something very offputting about their often enforced good cheer.

Shelley said...

Oh dear, I laugh a lot but most of it is malicious.

TimT said...

I was thinking cases where people laughed to hide up inner awkwardness/anxiety mostly.

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