Thursday, June 23, 2011

We need more doors

Just before or just after reading this article in the New York Times about a guy who'd once come out as being gay coming out as an ex-gay Christian (thanks Steve), I read this story on Catallaxy about a free market economist coming out as a woman after previously being a man (I don't know whether she'd ever come out as a he, but probably she had) - and the fears of a colleague that she was actually going to come out as a socialist. Really, it seems like you can come out about anything to anyone these days - it's gotten to the point where you expect several people you know to come out about something significant or insignificant every week. Just a decade or two after young men and women started coming out about being gay - and barely a few centuries after young women started coming out into society (God knows from where the young women came out from - the card drawer in the deal cabinet, perhaps?) coming out has got to the point that pretty soon, everyone will have come out about everything to everyone else, and they'll all have to go back inside again.

Amidst all these general comings-out, there is at least one thing you come out of that you don't need to make a declaration about. And that is the door. We ought to have more of it, I say.

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