Monday, June 20, 2011

Yeah, that thing

You know that thing where an old friend you haven't spoken to for ages rings up and asks you how things are and even though lots of big things have happened to you between now and when you spoke to them last, those big things happened so long ago that they don't seem like new big things anymore, and you can't specifically remember them off the top of your head, and so you um and you aw and you ah and you end up talking about how nothing much has happened, really? And then you ask them how they are and they pause uncomfortably and they aw and they ah and they um and so on, and this goes on for ten minutes, before you actually remember one of the big things that you did, and because you don't want to make a big thing of the big thing you just throw it out casually, and sound awkward before telling it, and sound embarrassed after it, and make a bit of a joke out of the whole thing, just to not make a big thing out of the big thing? And so you just go back to the umming and awing? Yeah, that thing. That's a really weird thing, isn't it?

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