Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yoof-um-ism song

Can you eat a knuckle sandwich,
Mountain oysters on the side,
Can you drink some liquid courage,
Will it keep you warm inside,
Have you ever spied a camels toe
With your eyes shut wide,
Have you met a pig with wings,
Has it given you a ride,
Is there much pie in the sky,
Is it in the Good Food Guide?
Have you ever laughed your arse off
While sitting in a chair,
Can you put it on again and
Have you got another spare,
And if you have to break a leg,
Do you ever break a pair?
Have the French sent you a letter,
Have you mail from a snail,
Has the cat left you a message,
Have you heard the Pony Tail?
Have you slapped the turkey back,
Does the monkey spank you too,
If you've ever chased a cock,
Does the cock chase after you,
Have you water in the closet
For the turtle's head to view,
Are there knuckles to your moose,
Are they pink or are they blue,
Who was it took the piss,
Where did they take it too,
If you give the goose a bridle,
Will any wigwam do?
Is this song as longer, wider, higher
Than a piece of string,
Is a tonne of feathers higher
When time is on the wing,
Is it like a chocolate jellyfish
Painting square a lilac ring?

Or is it like a broken pencil,


John A said...

Thank you, I needed a lift.

Not that I caught all the references, being a provincial from the USA - New England area at that. Oh well, I don`t ubderstand all the jokes of Hamlet ("Art thou keen, my lord?" needed the glossary at the back of the book I had) either.

TimT said...

Glad to have helped. :) I love the way euphemisms multiply, so every nation, state, town, and virtually every household has their own set.

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