Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the pleasures and dangers of naked bike riding

(For Randall, who may be attending)

We mingle and sing
And we go ding-a-ling
As we slide and glide past
I ride past with my thing;

And I sing as I wing
Tra la la I'm the king
My whole body tingles
As I fly with my thing;

Not a thing can go wrong
As I pedal along
And go hammer-and-tongs,
Just me and my thing;

But if I should angle
The wrong way and dangle
Right into the chains
And make my bike prang,

Yes, if I get tangled,
I could get very mangled
I'd be strung out and wrung out
And hung out to dry,

Yes, if I should prang
I should shout Sturm und Drang,
And hang on in pain
To what's left of my thing....

But not a thing can go wrong
And I go ding-a-ling
As we slide and glide past
I ride past with my thing...


Ivan said...

HA ha! I absolutely loved that, hilarious.
Although the end made me cringe :D

Caz said...

At this time of year, your body tingles?!

I'm not buying it.

That's the sound of your body freezing over, not tingling!

No risk of anything tangling in that iced-up state.

TimT said...

That's the sound of my poetry being licentious in fact! And you're quite right, Randall informs me on facebook that due to the cold there was indeed no danger of tangling.

Caz said...

Precious little danger of dangling either!

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