Friday, June 17, 2011

An ode to Newtown

Bit of fun over at Tim's with the announcement that Clover Moore is looking to pay an official Sydney poet. So far we've seen Betjeman send ups, a couple of limericks, a modern version of Mackellar, and a bunch of (well - two) poems by me. This is my second:

A non-rhyming poem about Newtown

Newtown! Newtown!
What a wonderful... spot.
Where house prices are high
And the students are ... too.

A place of perfection,
An upper-class slum
You can wax philosophique
While scratching your... head.

Newtown! Newtown!
With bookshops and the Dendy!
Where the bars are all funky
And the cafes are expensive.

Where everything's easy,
And free, and okay,
And that guy at the nightclub
Is probably going to bloody punch you in the bloody face if you bloody look at him like that again, he bloody swears!

Newtown! Newtown!
What a wonderful... spot!
Where house prices are high,
And the students are... too.


Mitzi G Burger said...

Done - you're hired! Preparing laurel wreaths...

TimT said...

Laurel wreaths you say. Can I use them as a garnish on soups?

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