Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amazing origami designs!

You may already be familiar with the origami crane -

pull its neck to make its wings flap.

And then there's the origami frog -

tap on its back to make it hop. 

And now, there's the origami NBN truck: put it in your office to promote an infrastructure project that might sometime in the next decade be more or less finished although some of the technology may be obsolete by that time and many Australians won't want or need it anyway at the cost of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.  Hoorah!

By an odd coincidence, I've recently invented an origami design of my own. It's rather complex, and involves a series of multi-dimensional inverse-valley-mountain folds that you'll need a black belt in Ju Jitsu to complete. It's an origami rock.


1. Begin with a square of paper 

and scrunch it up in your fist.

2. The completed rock.

You can roll it out across Australia, just like the NBN!

(Thanks, Tim).

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