Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cooking with Tim - hot cross buns!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Cooking with Tim! In previous shows, we've learned how to make such classics as 'Takeaway Pizza', '7/11 Meat Pie', and '$1 chocolate bar from the shops just down the road'! Today, we're going to learn a very special recipe - home made HOT CROSS BUNS! And we're going to do it in just three steps!

FIRST - You melt some butter and heat some milk up on the stove. This is STEP 1 - HOT.

SECOND - You add in a whole bunch of flour, yeast, sultanas, raisins, sugar, etc. Then you knead it around for a bit. Here's what the results look like; when you see them, you will emit a cry similar to Homer Simpson.


Now you will be really angry. You have reached STEP 2 - CROSS.

THIRD - you go to the shop and buy them from the supermarket instead. Congratulations! You have reached STEP 3 - BUNS.

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Cooking with Tim!

UPDATE! -  Of course there is an alternative recipe -

Q: How do you make hot cross buns?
A: Pour boiling water down a rabbit hole.

However, this blog does not endorse cruelty to animals. Also, the buns will be a bit too furry for most people's liking.


Caz said...

Planning and preparations for next April are under control then.

TimT said...

Many of my greatest cooking successes are from the supermarket! I recommend it!

(Really did have hot cross buns on the weekend though. Good for the cold weather, even if they were slightly off the Easter mark)

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