Sunday, June 24, 2012

Putting the wham into whimsy

These are hard times we live in. Hard times, full of difficult situations like the global financial crisis, the situation in Greece, the troubles in the US, and the Kardashian family. But with the Fairfax papers undergoing a crisis that could eventually see them being either changed entirely, or closed forever, what trusted source can you turn to for all your journalism?

Thankfully, in these hard times, there is one publication you can rely on. Badger's Dozen. In these tough times, you need tough whimsy, and when you need tough whimsy, Badger is your man. (Or Badger.)

Here's just a small sample of the tough whimsy you'll get in the latest issue of Badger's Dozen:

- Alternative Olympic Coverage (who will win the toilet roll pole vaulting triathlon?) 

-  Non-offensive jokes about New Zealand. Sample joke: 
Q: What is the definition of an Aucklander? 
A: Person who lives in an exciting modern urban hub with many progressive industries, and is the thriving centre of international trade.

- Beard poems!

- Works by Anthony Riddell, Janet Jackson, and zine legend John Bangsund

- For the leisure seeker: a travel guide to taking the rubbish out!

Here's just a few quotes from satisfied customers. Their names have been omitted in order to protect their possible non-existence:

"A z... what? Zeen?"
"I have ten copies of them and some day I may even read them!"
"Works by who? Poems by who? Published by you? Who are you, anyway?"

You know what to do. Here's my email and paypal address. Badger's Dozen 11 is not only worth $3, but it's a cheap $3. All across the world, people are crying out:

Badger's Dozen: Tough Whimsy for Tough Times.


Anonymous said...

I was full of trepidation there would be a picture of George Michael!

The beard poems are just whimsically, well....whimsical. Whamsical?

Can you hold onto a copy for when I next see you? Save on postage...

TimT said...

Sure will ECG, there's still 20 lying around the house.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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