Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting chased by ravening tigers has got to be good for your health

The dreaded work health check thing is today. I hate it and I haven't even gone to it yet. It's like a school exam in which every possible answer you can give is wrong. However, in order to make things more interesting, I've had a bowl full of cereal, two cups of plunger coffee, two slices of toast (one jam, one honey), another two cups of coffee just before coming in to work, and two biscuits. Knowing about this work health lark the cafe proprietor thoughtfully added an extra biscuit to my order for free. Bugger and blast, though - they're all finished now.

I'm not looking forward to this. Can you take sick leave from your work health check? Does anyone know? Are they going to be angry at me for having coffee? What if I worked it off by getting chased around the office by ravening tigers for half an hour or so? That would be good for my health wouldn't it? What to do, what to do...


Anonymous said...


TimT said...

Ha ha ho ho.



Shelley said...

Work health check?

TimT said...

Some government-business initiative. Not sure how it works but I think medium/big businesses agree to have them at their workplace as a service for their employees, they come round and just check your blood pressure, measurement, blood sugar etc. It's a way of warning people about the risks of diabetes, etc.

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