Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WTFF News: Tasmania discovered (again)

CANBERRA, TUESDAY - Australia's island state of Tasmania has finally been discovered, again, after a man named Dave was found to have accidentally packed it up in a box and put it at the back of his cupboard.

"It was a complete accident," laughs Dave, 65. "I was just closing my market stall up a few Saturdays ago, as I normally do, and happened to pack Tasmania in as well. What a duffer I've been!"

Thankfully, Australian law authorities were quickly on the case, and started their search for Tasmania only three weeks after the island state went missing. "We didn't notice anything at first," admits Constable Guffrey, of the Federal Police. "But when a couple of tourists to Tasmania from the mainland came back and said they couldn't find anything, then we started to get suspicious."

It was initially thought that the state of Tasmania had been abducted by terrorists, but after several weeks nobody had claimed responsibility.

Tasmania is not the first geographical location to go missing. Previously, the British nation of Wales took a month off to see the sites around the world, and the Newfoundland Islands were briefly lost just after being found by the Portuguese.

The location has been restored to its location by Dave with hearty apologies from the rest of Australia and a promise not to do it again. 

Flinders Street Station - one of many sights that you will not see in Tasmania.

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Caz said...

Arh, so the aunt and uncle who claimed to have come over to see the Friday night match were lying.

Clearly managed to escape the missing state and found themselves in Melbourne, too embarrassed to explain their dilemma.

They did seem a little disoriented, and unsure when they would fly home.

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