Saturday, November 20, 2004

From Out Of The Depths of Cyberspace

From out of the depths of cyberspace, a group of semi-anonymous bloggers mysteriously materialised in Surry Hills, Sydney last night, and converged upon the Clock Hotel for a night of drinking, socialising, and, er, more drinking.

Darp was there, wearing his pandagate shirt for easy identification. He was accompanied by the beautiful Alicia, who plans to be starting a blog shortly. Later in the evening, Alicia took out a felt-tip pen and wrote the words 'Psycho Jellybaby' upon a sticker, and then proceeded to stick this to her shirt. A fine name for a blog: let us know when you start blogging, Alicia, and I shall link post-haste.
Later investigations confirmed that Darp does indeed shave his balls, although I must admit I did not ask for physical confirmation of this assertion.

Agent Fare Evader had made his way all the way from Melbourne; this young blogger - Adam by name - is one of those most sickening things, an overachiever. Not only does he have an excellent blog at, but he also has an hour-and-a-half every week on a youth radio station in Melbourne. Plus, he possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of the state transport systems through Australia.

Jess blogs at the website Ausculture - - and an examination of her blog confirms that she is as witty and entertaining in cyberspace as she is in real life. That is, very. During the drunken proceedings, she grabbed hold of the stickers and the felt tip pens, and placed a label upon her shirt - 'Busty McWench'.
If I had only had courage, I would have slapped the label 'Lusty McLad' upon myself and leapt upon her....

Almost all bloggers present were left-wing: the Right Wing Death-Beast contingent failed to arrive. I had to serve as the 'token' Right-Wing Death Beast, and was enthusiastically introduced to several people in this manner by Tim Lambert. He wasn't even really right about that - I'm too much of a vile centrist to be classed as a RWDB. Tim and I, as it turned out, didn't only share a name in common, but a connection through the Newcastle chess club.

As promised, slim and sexy Dani of easy tiger made an appearance then a disappearance. No carnation was in evidence.

Later in the evening, Tim Lambert and I went to the city later in the evening and discussed various matters over some coffee at the DeliFrance, on George Street.

On the whole, a fine evening's entertainment.

BTW - See here for an update. Seems Darp is having his Beeriod.
Update - Jess has updated already - HERE. No mention of YOURS TRULY, though. Hmmmph.
Update - Young Suki - from the website Suki Has An Opinion - has posted some revealing blogger photographs here.
Update - Daniel Boud has just posted photographs on his blog. I'm in one of the photographs - see if you can guess which one!
Update - Photos are now on Darp's blog. No prizes for guessing which one of these I'm in. At the time that photograph was taken, I recall Weezil was telling me how he came to Australia to have the privilege of having Australian taxpayers pay for his health. Or something.
Update - Reviews by Dave of Fulmination, Mike of Munchymunchymoocow, and the Psephite have been posted.


Jess said...

Apologies! I remember chatting to you, I was just a bit out of it this morning, so despite my best endeavours, I managed to forget to link everyone I conversed with! I suck!

TimT said...

That's fine. I'm basically a link whore, so I get a bit anal about these things.

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