Thursday, December 02, 2004

DC Comics, I'm Waiting to Hear From You

I've been working on the concept of a new cartoon hero:

Almost as fast as a moderately speeding bullet...

He can leap over 3-and-a-half story buildings in two or three bounds.

Look! Up in the sky! (No, not that high...)

Is it a fly? Is it a zeppelin? NO! It's...


Neat, eh? I'm also working on this:

Flatman - By day he's a marketing executive - by night he wrestles with modern dieting techniques. Can he survive his regular bouts with bulimia and anorexia?

Any alternative suggestions? Thoughts? Let us know in comments!


The Flea said...

What about "Discoman"?

By day, he's a frail geek with a penchant for devouring the Complete Edition of the Oxford Dictionary and classifying rare forms of eczema.

But by night, he's the life of the party. Powered by cocaine and vodka cocktails (instead of spinach), he bounces from nightclub to nightclub. Winning evey dance competition. Winning every tart's heart. Tanned muscles squeezing from his tight, sleeveless T-shirt. White Italian loafers on his feet.

The crowds go wild.

"Look, up on the podium. Is it a fag? Is it a Leb? No -- it's Discoman."

Darlene Taylor said...

Mmmm, by day he/she is a mild-mannered administrative assistant.

At night, he/she is a mild-mannered administrative assistant.

Pathetic and it's my life.

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